The Science of Behavior

and the Art of Communication

Why Effective
Communication Matters

93% of communication is what you see and what you hear. Words are only 7% of communication; so WHAT you Say and HOW you Say it is important for effective communication.

Results in 15 Minutes or Less

Psycho·Geometrics® gives people the tools to have a powerful, influential and effective voice on any platform with any audience, while still being authentic.

What is

A communications system that identifies the Science of Behavior and provides the tool for the Art of Communicating.

What it does

Our Assessment Identifies Traits and Behaviors

The Psycho-Geometrics® System provides the tools to identify traits and behaviors of communication and the methods for shape flexing.
The Psycho-Geometrics® System acts as a catalyst making communication more efficient and effective

Who Can Benefit

Built for Businesses, Individuals, Teams and Families

98% of people say using the Psycho-Geometrics® System has helped develop positive communications, strengthen relationships with their work team, and built stronger bonds with family and friends.

Where Users Are Applying
Their Shape Knowledge





“It was an instant hit, because it’s quick, easy to understand and equally as valid as other tests on the market. And…people never forget their “shape!”

– Dr. Susan Dellinger

Creator of Psycho-Geometrics® 1978

Getting Started

How it Works

A 15 minute assessment consisting of 3 parts.  When finished the system evaluates the choices made to determine your specific Shapes combinations and provide insights, guidelines, experiments, tips and overview of how you can better communicate with those around you. 

Register an Account

Register an Account

Complete 3 Part questionnaire

Complete 3 Part questionnaire

Review Results

Review Results

Your Shapes Profile

Understanding and Applying the Results

Upon receiving your results, you will gain an insight into which types of shapes reflect your communication style.  In addition, a mural of your strengths, behaviors, and calculated enhancements will provide you the opportunity to apply new techniques while communicating with those around you.

Shapes for Work

Effective Team Building and Communication

More than 1,000 companies have used Psycho·Geometrics® to raise awareness for behavioral differences and as a tool to strengthen employee and client relations, teams, communication and culture.

Industries Using Shapes

Areas Shapes Has Been Helping Participants In Everyday Life

Shapes for Living

Improve Everyday Communications and understanding

Gain the tools needed to shape your relationships: Family, spouse, significant others, and co-workers by understanding how they express themselves and how to meet them on their communication terms.

Ready to improve working and personal relationships and how you communicate?

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