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Our story of a communication system identifying the Science of Behavior and the Art of Communication begins over 100-years ago.

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The Shapes Assessment

The Shapes Assessment uses five geometric shapes to represent five key behaviors for effective communication. Our online assessment reveals which of the five shape behaviors are your natural strengths and which ones you may find more difficult to use.

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Tested, Shared, and Proven Since 1978

PsychoGeometrics® is a communication system that identifies the Science of Behavior and provides the tool for the Art of Communicating.

The Science

What It Does

PsychoGeometrics® is a communication system that gives you the tools to have a powerful, influential, and effective voice on any platform with any audience while still being authentic.

  • Part One: Traits that best describe who you are.
  • Part Two: Behaviors that most accurately describe what you do or how you act
  • Part Three: Phrases that most accurately describe how you relate to others.
The Difference

What People Say About Us

I was skeptical that a 15-minute test could accurately indicate my communication and behavioral style.  But Shapes was spot on.  As a result, my 360° feedback for communicating effectively went from a 2.2 to a 4.1 on a 1-5 scale. That’s a 91% increase going from “to a small extent” to a “great extent.” 

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