Presenting Susan Hite and her team of Certified Shapes Assessment Facilitators

Workshops facilitated by Susan Hite

Susan Hite will develop, deliver, and facilitate a workshop to complement her keynote topic and designed to give participants an opportunity to collaborate and apply what they’ve learned. Customized activities will be created based on your specific objectives, location, size of group, and length of workshop.

A workshop is typically 90 minutes to three hours in length.

Fee: Starting at $7,500 plus requested resources and travel expenses. Virtual and In-Person options.

Workshops by Certified Shape Facilitators

Our Team of PsychoGeometrics Facilitators are certified to administer the Shapes Assessment and facilitate the following Shapes Workshops, virtually and in-person.

Fee: Starting at $2,500 plus requested resources and travel expenses.

The Shapes Assessment is $34.95 per person.

AN INTRODUCTION to PsychoGeometrics™

Learn more about the science behind PsychoGeometrics™, how to best take the Shapes Assessment, how to interpret your Shapes Score, and how to use your Shapes to strengthen your communication.


Discover how others may perceive who you are, what you do, and how you
interact with others, both positively and negatively, and how perception impacts
effective communication.


Learn how to be more effective in your communication style by Shape  Flexing, while still being true to who you are.


Learn what motivates and demotivates your Shapes and the Shapes of others.


A Five-Star Communication Process that identifies the Shape order of what to say and the Shape style for how to say it. Especially helpful for Engagement, Retention, Leadership, Sales and Service Excellence, Crucial Conversations, Feedback, and Coaching.

We have a diverse offering of Certified Shapes Facilitators. We will do our best to listen and then match the best facilitator to meet your expectations and connect with your group.

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