Susan Hite, Innovator & CEO of PsychoGeometrics®

North Carolina native Susan Hite, founder and president of Hite Resources, Inc. has spent the past 20 years partnering with global, national, regional, and local companies to identify, modify, and link behavior to results.

In June 2020, Hite Resources purchased the communication system known globally as PsychoGeometrics® (aka “Shapes” by many of Susan’s clients).  Now completely rebranded and renovated, PsychoGeometrics® features the online Shapes Assessment complete with digital learning modules that are 15 minutes each. 

The Shapes Assessment and modules are used for onboarding, talent management, and engagement, as well as strengthening relationships, teams, strategy, and communication.

Susan Hite is a UNC-Chapel Hill School of Journalism graduate (1989), a Shapes Assessment Subject Matter Expert, and serves as Innovator and CEO of PsychoGeometrics®.