Tips for Each Shape at Home

Friday, June 21, 2024

Just like every person is unique, every Shape is too! We all have different wants and needs when it comes to what makes us feel welcome, comfortable, important, and understood. In this blog, the focus is on Shapes at home. Check out some tips for the ideal home environment for each Shape.


The Box at Home - if the Box feels that the home is well-organized, then they can relax, "open-up," and begin to take life a little easier. Since the Box tends toward perfection, takes their work seriously, and can become a "workaholic," a restful home is important to their overall well-being.


The Triangle at Home - Since the Triangle is often the one who needs to be in charge, sometimes the Triangle appreciates a home where they don't have to call the shots. Whether the Triangle works outside or in the home, when it comes to rest and relaxation after work, the Triangle appreciates a smooth and worry-free environment.


The Rectangle at Home - Because every person is unique, every situation is unique, and especially for the Rectangle who is in the midst of change and transition. The most critical element for the Rectangle is a stable home environment. A set routine and a level of consistency is a key component of stability. It's not the best time to renovate the home or change the decor. Keep in mind the Rectangle is a transitional and temporary Shape so you don't have to put off your home projects forever!


The Circle at Home - The Circle is the one who wants everyone to feel comfortable! This is especially true in the Circle's home, where the Circle feels the home should be their haven and the kitchen is the gathering place. Everything from comfortable furniture, family photos, sentimental and personalized decor is important to the Circle. A full pantry and stocked fridge is also important to the Circle, since the Circle is the first to offer you something to eat or drink when you visit.


The Squiggle at Home - If you are a Squiggle, or live with one, there is rarely a dull minute in your life! Squiggles often have two speeds - on and off. It's important for the Squiggle to have the choice of being the life of the party, or the one who lounges on the couch, just "chilling" from the unpredictable life the Squiggle leads. So, while the Squiggle might benefit from a consistent routine, it's not what the Squiggle necessarily wants. Perhaps a blend of structure with freedom to choose would be most ideal home environment for the Squiggle. 

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Susan Hite, CEO, PsychoGeometrics, The Science of Behavior - The Art of Communication