Tuesday, May 21, 2024

I really don't like "mandatory."

Perhaps it's the Squiggle in me that doesn't want to be forced to do something, or my Triangle that likes options and bristles at the thought of "mandatory." In fact, if someone describes a training event as "mandatory," my first thought is "Ugh!"

But of course, when I think about it, I am glad there's mandatory training for certain things, like mandatory safety training for the flight crew, or mandatory training for doctors and nurses. How about mandatory security checks before you enter the concert venue, or mandatory background checks before you are allowed to visit an elementary school? Some mandatory things are a good thing. They are meant to help you, protect you, or help and protect others.

Learning about Shapes powered by PsychoGeometrics is a good thing. It will absolutely help you strengthen your relationships, teams, and communication. Even so, I never liked the idea of making one of my training workshops "mandatory." Have you ever had to get up in front of 100 people who were made to come to your training? Have you ever been made to go to a training? Enough said!

Years ago, a woman wanted to hire me for an employee training event and said she would make it mandatory. She told me, "Since I am paying you so much money I want to make sure everyone is forced to come!"

"Ugh!" - forced training! Sounded like a horrible idea to me! Instead, I suggested that I do a complimentary "lunch and learn," and if people liked it and wanted more, then she could pay me to come back and do a workshop. If not, then perhaps a few people might benefit, and she could spend her training budget on something else.

If you offer something that helps someone solve their problem or seize an opportunity to something important to them, they will not only want to come, they will want to come back and get everyone else to come with them.

So many of the opportunities I've had are because someone asked for Shapes. Of course, you still have to convince the decision-maker, and that's how I got a lot better at connecting behavior to results. I learned that if something taught helped make money or save money for the company, I got to do what I love which is help others live their best life!

If you would like to share Shapes with your people, check out the "What, Why, and So What" of Shapes powered by PsychoGeometrics.


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Susan Hite, CEO, PsychoGeometrics, The Science of Behavior - The Art of Communication