Life's Lessons don't change, but we do!

Tuesday, June 11, 2024

Have you ever read the same book twice? Or watched the same movie again?

The book, nor the movie, changes, but we do. What we learned, saw, heard, or interpreted before might mean something completely different to us now.

Or why do we celebrate the same holiday over and over again? Think about it. Every year people celebrate, for example Christmas, New Year’s, Memorial Day, or July 4th, and every year we know the tree will go up, the baby will be born, the ball will drop, the flags will fly, and the fireworks will go off. So, why do we do it all over again?

Because sometimes it's important to pause and remember what we already know, but need to hear again. 

Just like the book, movie, or annual holiday that doesn't change, life’s lessons don’t change, either, but we do! That's why embracing the Rectangle as the Shape of Change and Growth is so important. Otherwise, we might get stuck on auto-pilot and miss out on a new meaning or perspective of life's lessons that only time and experience can alter. Embracing the Rectangle for most of us is not a natural strength. Instead, it's a learned behavior that helps us navigate our way through change.

If you find yourself going through change, or trying to help someone else experiencing change, flex to the Rectangle and start with this question:

"What do I already know that I might need to remember, "re-read, re-watch, or re-experience" to help me, or help guide someone else?"

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Susan Hite, CEO, PsychoGeometrics, The Science of Behavior - The Art of Communication