"I don’t know," said the Rectangle

Friday, January 26, 2024

Contrary to popular belief, the Rectangle is not a Primary or Secondary Shape. It is a transitional Shape. Most people experience the Rectangle when they are at a turning point and experiencing change in their life, personally or professionally. Personally, Rectangle change can take 3-18 months. Cultural change can take 3-7 years.

Rectangles are in a state of “I don’t know.” This can be exciting, scary, or both! A Rectangle says, "Please listen to me, then tell me what to do.” Rectangles need a safe sounding board, where they can talk through emotions, ideas, facts, and/or options with a trusted partner, friend, colleague, mentor, or professional advisor, counselor, or therapist. 

The Rectangle can also be used as a learned skill set. Because the Rectangle can be open-minded and because understanding is the key to effective communication, the Rectangle’s exploratory state of “Tell me more” can be the game changer in personal or professional development and growth.

Ask yourself:

  1. Is this me? Could I possibly be in a Rectangle phase of my life? Why or why not?
  2. Is this someone I work or live with, and if so, who?
  3. Whether I am the Rectangle, or someone around me is the Rectangle, how does being open-minded to different perspectives impact the effectiveness of my communication?
  4. To be a more effective communicator as a Rectangle or with a Rectangle, what is one thing I will do differently?
  5. When would it benefit me and those around me to intentionally embrace the Rectangle state of change and growth? Instead of using my natural Primary or Secondary Shapes, when might it be beneficial to be open-minded, asking for others to "tell me more?"

Remember, life's answers start with the questions!  And if any of you have more questions, please just ask! - susanhite@psychogeometrics.com