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any of the individual modules for continuous learning from our Shapes Online Learning Series powered by PsychoGeometrics®!

Here’s how or order in BULK:

  1. Simply choose from the dropdown menu, “Select Product,” on the right.
  2. Enter the quantity of that product you wish to order.
  3. If you have an access code, you may enter it on the checkout page.
  4. If you want to add different items from different categories to this same order, simply return to the bulk page and choose the product from the same dropdown menu on the right, enter quantity, and it will appear in your shopping cart.
  5. You can order as many different items from available categories as you would like, then enter the appropriate access code or codes to your order.
  6. Submit payment and complete your order, then check your email.
    1. You will get an access code for each category of items purchased via email.
      • For example, if you purchase 10 Shape Assessments, 10 of Module 1, and 10 of Module 2, you will get three separate emails indicating your special access code for that specific category. Only share this information with those who are authorized to use your access code. The code will automatically expire once it has been used the number of allotted times.
    2. You will also receive a copy of your receipt by email. Please retain this for your records.

Thank you for your interest in The Shapes Assessment and Shapes Online Learning Series powered by PsychoGeometrics!

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