The System


The Psycho·Geometrics System® Assessment

Psycho·Geometrics® is a communications system, featuring five geometric shapes, that explains the Science of Behavior and the Art of Communicating.

The Tools

The Psycho-Geometrics® System provides the tools to identify traits and behaviors of communication and the methods for shape flexing.

The Results

The Psycho-Geometrics® System acts as a catalyst making communication more efficient and effective.

In 2020 Dr. Dellinger sold Psycho·Geometrics® LLC, including intellectual property, copyrights and trademark to Susan Hite, founder and President of Hite Resources, Inc. since 2001, and Psycho·Geometrics® licensed consultant and certified facilitator since 2002.

The Benefits

98% of people say using the Psycho-Geometrics® System helps strengthen their relationships with their work team, family and friends.

Top 10 – The Psycho-Geometrics® System supports the TOP 10 Drivers of Engagement.

The Differentiators

15 minutes – Quick, Simple and Valid

Rectangle – Ability to Change and Grow

Geometric shapes – Easier to remember

Shape Flexing – The Tool to Maximize and Manage Natural Strengths and Develop Recommended Skillsets One size does not fit all. Your DNA is unique.

“It was an instant hit, because it’s quick, easy to understand and equally as valid as other tests on the market. And…people never forget their “shape!” – Dr. Susan Dellinger, creator of Psycho-Geometrics® 1978

The Comparables

Other Psychometric tools such as MBTI® DiSC®, INSIGHTS® and CLIFTONSTRENGTHS

Why Psycho·Geometrics®?

Psycho comes from the word psychometric, as in “psychometric tests.”

Psychometric tests are typically given to a potential job candidate to measure a person’s suitability for a role based on the required characteristics, aptitude or cognitive ability. The results are then used to determine the extent to which a candidate’s personality, aptitude and/or cognitive abilities match those required to perform the job. These types of assessments are also used to support professional development and career growth opportunities.

Examples of Psychometric testing are numerical reasoning tests, verbal reasoning tests, diagrammatic reasoning tests, situational judgement tests and personality tests.

How do you take the Assessment?

Participants take a 15-minute online or written assessment that identifies their traits, behaviors and interactions with others.

This information can be immediately applied to current, real-time communication and to written or virtual learning modules (15-30 minutes in length) designed to strengthen communication and achieve specific communication objectives, such as listening for understanding or shape flexing to change negative perceptions into positive ones.

You can also take the same 15-minute Psycho·Geometrics® assessment to measure progress and as a 360° Feedback Tool.

In fact, there are more than 10 different applications in the Psycho·Geometrics® System, each designed to help solve one of the TOP 10 Communication Challenges at Work. These applications can be taught, demonstrated and experienced in stand-alone, onsite workshops, by participating in a single, online course, as part of an onsite or virtual learning series, OR a combination of any of these options, blending both onsite and virtual learning.

Why is it important to use Psycho·Geometrics®?

93% of communication is what you see and what you hear. Words are only 7% of communication; so WHAT you Say and HOW you Say it is important for effective communication. Psycho·Geometrics® gives people the tools to have a powerful, influential and effective voice on any platform with any audience, while still being authentic.
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