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Getting to know the
Shapes Assessment system

Take a few moments and get to know a little bit more about the Shapes Assessment system and find the answers to the “Who, What, Where, When, How, and Why”.
Psycho·Geometrics® is a communications system, featuring five shapes used to identify traits and behaviors, specifically in terms of how one is described, acts and relates to others.
Created by Susan Dellinger, Ph.D, in 1978, then in 1984 conducted a 3-year research study to validate her tool.
In 2004 Dr. Dellinger partnered with Jack Wolf, Ph.D, and had The University of California Santa Cruz conduct a factor analysis of Psycho·Geometrics®. In 2005 Dr. Wolf created and developed the first written assessment, and in 2010 the first online assessment was created and launched. In 2020 Dr. Dellinger sold Psycho·Geometrics® LLC, including intellectual property, copyrights and trademark to Susan Hite, founder and President of Hite Resources, Inc. since 2001, and Psycho·Geometrics® licensed consultant and certified facilitator since 2002.
Psycho·Geometrics® has been shared and used by more than 1 million people, in more than 30 countries and in more than 1,000 corporations, companies, schools and universities, non-profit organizations and government agencies around the world.
Participants take a 15-minute assessment that identifies their traits, behaviors and interactions with others. This information can be immediately applied using virtual and written applications to strengthen communication.
93% of communication is what you see and what you hear. Words are only 7% of communication; so WHAT you Say AND HOW you Say it is important for effective communication. Psycho·Geometrics® gives people the tools to have a powerful, influential and effective voice on any platform with any audience, while still being authentic.
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