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The Difference


The Psycho·Geometrics®
Intentional Difference

The Psycho·Geometrics® 15 Minute assessment doesn’t tell you what you are (or what you are not), nor is it intended to state or imply “you are a box or a circle, or any shape or shape combination.” Instead, it simply indicates what your communication strengths and talents may be; then it gives you the tools to “shape flex” and acquire, use or further develop all five of the shape traits and behaviors, regardless of your score.

It is, however; meant to be recognized as a powerful tool. That is why the 2020 rebrand of Psycho·Geometrics®, under the direction of Hite Resources, Inc., includes a new level of standardization for consistency, regulatory control and quality assurance.

As a result, one of the core values of Psycho·Geometrics® is to ensure the power of its communications system and tools is used with integrity, responsibility and accountability. 

One size does not fit all, and Psycho·Geometrics® respects that the science of human behavior is not an exact science, as one’s DNA is truly unique.

Therefore, Psycho·Geometrics® stays away from the words always or never, as it would be inaccurate and irresponsible to think one’s natural traits, behaviors and interactions could be assessed, defined or predicted with 100% certainty. However, research shows 84% of the time, people do agree that their Psycho·Geometrics® Personal Profile Report is a mostly accurate or highly accurate description of how they see themselves, and how others see them based on informal and formal feedback (regarding perceptions of one’s traits, behaviors and interactions with others). Of the remaining 16%, the majority, after receiving more information about the shape traits and their shape score, also mostly or highly agree with the accuracy of the Psycho·Geometrics® Personal Profile Report received.

The Rectangle is the key

The most obvious differentiator of Psycho·Geometrics®, from comparable tests or indicators, is the rectangle.

The Psycho·Geometrics® system identifies the Rectangle as the KEY to change and growth. Through the lens of the rectangle, you realize the potential and power of leveraging all five shapes and the possible consequences or outcomes if you do not. You also learn WHY you may avoid, hyper-control, dread or embrace change, and HOW to successfully navigate your way through change, whether it was a chosen change or not.

Based on the current marketplace, a comparable version of the Rectangle is not something other psychometric assessments, indicators or tests include.

The rectangle is not a primary or secondary shape, rather it’s a transitional shape that considers the natural evolution of change, as well as change due to human decision making, natural or life changing events, or a certain set of circumstances or consequences, whether controlled or not.

General assumptions can be made and are helpful when anticipating or explaining your behavior and the behavior of others. For example; using the Rectangle as part of the Psycho·Geometrics® system raises the awareness of different ways one is motivated (or demotivated) or what influences one to believe (or not) in something or someone; from an org-chart change to a change in leadership.


Take the Psycho·Geometrics® assessment and learn more about your traits, behavior and interaction with others

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