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Improve Relationships and Interpersonal Communication with family, friends, and those around you.

You’re just 15 minutes away from developing a better understanding of your natural communication style and how others can perceive your tendencies. It’s fun and easy!
Expressed in five geometric shapes, you’ll quickly begin to understand how some people find themselves in conflict and how others seem to get along so well. Psycho·Geometrics® is based on science and psychology dating back one-hundred years. For more, see the menu above for ‘science’ and ‘about’.

The best part is you’ll gain the tools needed to shape your relationships: Family, spouse, significant others, and co-workers

Knowing Your Shape Profile

Communication Clarity

By gaining an understanding of how those around you express themselves and how to meet them on their communication terms. Upon taking the assessment, you’ll receive a detailed downloadable report about your communication style.

Comprehending Communication

How will YOU use Shapes for Living?

Plan a family dinner, host a small dinner party, or social-distance in the backyard around a fire-pit with family, neighbors and friends to reveal and discuss your shapes.

Some Ways You Can
Use Shapes Everyday

Find out why you go to certain family members or friends for advice, but would not necessarily enjoy attending a party with them.

Learn why you enjoy watching a sporting event with some people, but would never want to work with them.

Have a good laugh when you finally discover why the very thing you love about someone is also the very thing that can annoy you the most!

Decide if you even want to go on a first date! Find and discuss your shapes online, indicating how compatible you may, or may not be before you decide to meet.

Discover who would be better, and probably enjoy, planning the meals for your upcoming family vacation and who would be better, and probably rather, be the one to find all of the group activities that are available during your vacation.

Are you ready to communicate better?

View Your Results in 15 Minutes or Less

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