Meet Susan

Susan Hite is the founder of Hite Resources, Inc. (HRI), the creator of Susan’s Train Your Brain Series™, featuring seven principles for personal growth and professional development and serves as President of Hite Resources, Inc. since 2001.

Susan Hite and Psycho·Geometrics®

Instead of using a letter or letters, a color or colors, or a specific word or list of words, Psycho·Geometrics® uses 5 geometric shapes to represent five behaviors that are needed for effective communication. The 15-minute online test reveals which of the five shape behaviors are your natural strengths and which ones you may find more difficult to use.

“One of the things I loved immediately about Psycho·Geometrics® is it did not tell you who you are, or who you would have to be, because of your DNA. Instead it embraced true diversity, the uniqueness of the individual, and the ability to grow into who you are meant to be,” Susan says.

In addition, “I grew up in a family that literally preached the value of every single person, and how no two people are alike, so I guess you could say that it was just part of my belief that people are not meant to be labeled, stereotyped or generalized because of birthplace, level of education, economic status, job title or role in life. This belief carried over into many other things like religion, politics, skin color, age, gender, and sexual orientation. We were taught not to judge, but rather to accept all people and treat others with respect,” says Susan.

Psycho·Geometrics® not only raises awareness for differences, but it provides the tools for embracing, managing and leveraging differences as individuals, partners, families, friends, communities, groups and teams.

“All five shapes are equally important but are not used equally,” Susan says. “One size does not fit all. That’s the beauty of Psycho-Geometrics®. You don’t have to be great at being or using all five shapes, but you can use all five shapes to be great!”

Hite Resources, Inc. and Psycho·Geometrics®

Hite Resources, Inc. provides personal and professional development content and tools in the form of keynotes, facilitated workshops, coaching, consulting and added most recently, through a digital online learning series featuring The Psycho·Geometrics® System. Since 2002, Susan has personally shared Psycho·Geometrics® with more than 25,000 employees, in more than 200 companies, in more than 25 industries and in eight countries. Overall, Psycho·Geometrics® has reached over 1 million people in over 60 countries. “Psycho·Geometrics® knows no barrier, Susan continues. “It goes across borders providing one common language to make communication simpler, more efficient and more effective.” A 1989 School of Journalism graduate of The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Susan is a North Carolina native and lives in Wilmington, NC with her husband, Marty, and their Labrador Retriever, Ali, and Labradoodle, Bailey. Now empty nesters, they have three grown children and love their coastal living lifestyle.
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