Are you a Triangle? Box? Circle? Squiggle? or Rectangle?

Each of these 5 SHAPES describes a Personal Style reflecting the way you communicate with others, career choices, choosing friends, dealing with stress, and making decisions.

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Psycho-Geometrics® Licensed Consultant Bios


MICHELLE BENNING: Having spent twenty-plus years with Xerox Corporation, Michelle is an expert at designing and managing corporate training programs on leadership, coaching, change management and sales. Working in both the public and private sectors, she specializes in human performance improvement using adult learning principles and diverse learning style methods. Michelle is President of Nehemiah Performance Inc. in Houston, Texas.
MELANIE CORNWELL : Melanie Cornwell is the owner of MLC Resources, LLC in Texas USA. Melanie provides individual and team development services in the form of facilitated workshops on communication, leadership and team dynamics.
CHERIE CROSS CHERIE CROSS: This feisty Georgia Peach is one of the most dynamic speakers on the circuit today. With two decades in the Keynote speaking business and with major clients in corporate America, Cherie’s unique brand of down-home humor keeps them rollin’ in the aisles.
DIANE FOJT DIANE FOJT: This caring professional specializes in the training of Emergency Services Workers. She can be found wherever the latest national emergency occurs. As President and Founder of Corporate Crisis Inc, Diane helicopters into the fray to help disaster workers and volunteers to calm the turbulence.
Gail Gallagher: Gail R. Gallagher has a M.Ed. in Curriculum and Supervision specializing in sec ondary level language arts and reading proficiency. Gail spent 25 years as department manager in Broward County, Florida school system. She has taught at all levels from at-risk to honors to college. In addition, Gail is the founder of Student Success, Inc, a private tutoring business. She is the author of the book Supercharged Tips to Boost Your *SAT Score. Currently, she is an instructor at St. Petersburg College.
SUSAN HITE SUSAN HITE: As the creator of the “Train Your Brain” series, the Susan Hite Show airs on Clear Channel in 5 major markets. Susan has a thriving speaking, training, publishing and entertainment business in the vibrant Research Triangle area of northern North Carolina.
MELANIE HOFFNER MELANIE HOFFNER: This down-to-earth Midwestern gal will knock your socks off. An award-winning brain-based trainer, Melanie facilitates a variety of programs, in person and via teleclasses. She also hosts SPARK, a weekly online talk radio show.
DEBBIE MASON DEBBIE MASON: This expert in Public Relations, Marketing and Branding is known for her powerful work as a catalyst for change. As President of Strategists, Inc., Debbie is sought after to direct leadership, governance and strategic planning programs for a variety of corporate and nonprofit clients.
PAT McGILL David C. Neal: Dave owns Neal & Associates Business Consultants in Phoenix, AZ that focuses on sales optimization for a variety of companies through the southwest. He has a rich professional background as a business executive, consultant, military officer, mental health administrator and keynote speaker.
PAT McGILL PAT McGILL: Founder of McGill Speaking and Training Resources, Pat is a former educator with plenty of energy to enthuse and inspire a crowd. With keen observation, a sense of humor and passion, she presents professional development seminars and keynotes on such topics as team-building, customer and community service, change and leadership.
BARBIE REED BARBIE REED: Agencies ranging from government and schools to child welfare organizations have increased their communication and productivity as a result of Barbie’s dynamic training programs. Voted 2006 Business Partner of the Year in Daytona Beach, Florida, Barbie customizes each seminar to meet the needs of her clients and they steadily return for more.
CYNTHIA ROGERS: Our first Chicago-based consultant joining Psycho-Geometrics® LLC after almost two decades of experience as Director of Training and Development for Fortune 100 companies including American Express, Kraft Foods and General Foods. She is an experienced speaker and adjunct faculty member of the American Management Association.
JACK SHELTON JACK SHELTON: This Hoosier native speaks softly and carries a big portfolio of training tools, including Psycho-Geometrics®. Moving from administration at the Indiana University, Bloomington, into private consulting, Jack brings a wealth of experience, both academic and practical, to each seminar.
ROSE SNYDER ROSE SNYDER: Located in the shadow of Pike’s Peak, Colorado is Rose Snyder Consulting, Inc. Joining Psycho-Geometrics® LLC with extensive experience in training volunteers and administrators of the U.S. Olympics and the nonprofit sector, Rose is a classy lady who brings a unique competency to our team.
DR. BOBBE SOMMER DR. BOBBE SOMMER: We are honored to include this seasoned speaker, trainer, and author of Psycho-Cybernetics 2000, on our team. Dr. Bobbe is an international speaker who has been a guest expert on Oprah. This silver-tongued Californian has been developing corporate leadership for over three decades.
LINDA THOMPSON: Our dynamo from Nashville Tenessee is the owner of Big Transformations and that is exactly what she does! Linda has 25+ years in assisting business leaders, entrepreneurs, and their families to transform their business operations and protect their corporate assets and family fortune.
REBECCA TIEDER AND KELLY ADDINGTON REBECCA TIEDER AND KELLY ADDINGTON: 2007 was a banner year for the dynamic speaking duo of Becca and Kelly. With their speaking calendar filled with universities from MIT to U. of California, they appeared on Dateline and the Fox Morning Show. These partners specialize in campus violence prevention with their unique and powerful program, “Let’s Talk About IT!”.
DR. JACK WOLF DR. JACK WOLF: Dr. Wolf’s Florida company, Lifelong Learning Partners, has combined efforts with Psycho-Geometrics® LLC to create and produce several training products including the new Psycho-Geometrics® Personal Assessment™. We are proud to have this seasoned trainer and a consummate professional on our team.



Fernando MIÑO: If it is not fun, it is not worth it.   Founder and Gerente General of Grupo Macro, a respected training company with 104 employees serving Colombia, Ecuador and Peru.  Nando is in charge of developing corporate games that make learning a fun and practical matter.  Customers throughout the region look to him to develop world class behavioral change programs.  
Nelson Espinoza: No plan resists contact with reality.  Nelson is an expert in Strategic Planning...believing that execution is only possible through true communication and alignment.  As Grupo Macro CEO, Nelson is sought after to direct leadership programs and facilitate strategic planning processes for a variety of corporate clients.
Javier MiÑo: You can only manage what you measure.  Javier is an expert in transforming organizations to customer service excellence where communication is a key factor.  He is the Manager of the Grupo Macro Consultant Team serving the Latin American market.


JON COLMAN JON COLMAN: Jon runs Red Vanilla, a successful training consultancy based in Sheffield, England.  Jon specialises in management development, customer service training and team building.  At the centre of all his training and development activities is Psycho-Geometrics® which he uses to communicate powerful but fun messages about how people behave.  Jon’s clients include universities, hospitals, local government, police forces and the private sector.
Debbie Green: Debbie is a professional Life, Business, Family Coach and Development Consultant who runs her own successful coaching & development company –Wishfish – based in West Sussex, England. She works as a coach/tutor for New-U Coaching in Scotland and the Coach School, based in London.  I attained her Advanced Diploma in Coaching (International Coaching Federation) in 2007 and is an accredited Parent & Youth Coach.
STEVE HALL: Steve provides people development and training consultancy primarily for the Contact Centre industry (Call Centers in U.S.). Based from Milton Keynes, England, Steve designs and delivers integrated learning programmes which target performance improvement of the Contact Centre through Manager, Team Leader and Agent interventions which incorporate Psycho-Geometrics®.
LEX McKEE LEX McKEE: Lex is larger than life. Audiences are gob-smacked by his sheer presence and participants can never forget the important lessons of his “Accelerated Learning Seminars.” This Dorset consultant is a deep thinker with the rare charismatic ability to communicate his dramatic insights.
GARY NEWBOROUGH GARY NEWBOROUGH: Psycho-Geometrics® LLC is indeed honored to count Newborough among our most valued consultants. Gary joined us when he was the Director of Training for British Telecom. He is now an active consultant in Manchester working with clients affiliated with the British Chamber of Commerce.


SHAUGHNESSY AND HOWELL INC. Marion Thomson Howell: Our two Canadians (Marion and Cathy) have the distinction of being the first two Psycho-Geometrics® Licensed Consultants (in 1992). As experts in both training delivery and curriculum development, the ShaughnessyHowell Inc. company creates and delivers training programs for companies for Canadian multi-national companies such as Microsoft. They also designed our newest product, the comprehensive Psycho-Geometrics® Trainers Kit.
SHAUGHNESSY AND HOWELL INC. Cathy Shaughnessy: Formerly of ShaughnessyHowell Inc, Cathy Shaughnessy is now in private practice as a Certified Executive Coach in her firm Perspective In Action, Cathy works one on one with talented leaders to help them grow in their careers. As an expert coach, engaging presenter and laser-focused thinking partner Cathy builds strong leaders one conversation at a time.



DR. ALI AL-JANAEE DR. ALI AL-JANAEE: Living and working against the vibrant backdrop of the Middle East is our own Dr. Ali in Kuwait. An impressive presence in any group, Dr. Ali’s deep voice resonates as a man of integrity and intelligence. We are proud to have this brilliant university professor as our partner.
DR. FAISAL AL-BANNAY DR. FAISAL AL-BANNAY: Dr. Al-Bannay is the Director of the Planning and Development Department for the Ministry of Information of the State of Kuwait. He is responsible for all training of the media transmission sector including Radio,TV and all Ministry personnel. He is also the Director of the elite Kuwait Trainers Club, supported and sponsored by Sheikh Faisal Al-Sabah, the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Information.
NASSIMA AL-RUJAIB NASSIMA AL-RUJAIB: Nassima is an outstanding Counselor of Training and Development for the Ministry of Information for the State of Kuwait. She holds a coveted position within the “Kuwait Trainer’s Club” which honors the most talented trainers. Nassima’s travel schedule throughout the Middle East, North Africa and Europe would overwhelm less experienced consultants.
AHMED SAFAR ENG. AHMED I.S.I. AL-JAFAR: Ahmed is the Director of the Radio Broadcasting Development Department for the State of Kuwait. He is a gold medal recipient and a P.O.W from the Gulf War. As a true Squiggle, Ahmed is an inventor holding patents from the U.S. and Kuwait. He is the author of The Basics in Electric and Electronic Engineering (2008). Ahmed is an engaging trainer and a founding member of the Kuwait Trainer's Club.
SAEED AHMAD AL-GHAMDI is our first licensed consultant from Saudi Arabia.  A mechanical engineer with an MBA and certified in INLPTA, Saeed is a manager for the SABIC corporation.  His first love is working with teenagers and he holds family counseling licenses from Emerald College (UK) and Concord Int’l Academy.  Off duty, he is the General Manager of the Jubail City Family Consultation Center.


LE BICH HANH: With more than 15-years of professional experience in Training, Communications and HR development for Vung Tau VCCI, currently Hanh is the Director of Training and Communications Vietnam. She is passionate about Training and People Development. Psycho-Geometrics ® has become an indispensable part of her life. She applys this tool in soft skills training and career coaching. She believes that using Psycho-Geometrics ® efficiently can help people in personal development, empowering their teamwork, developing necessary skills such as Communications, Negotiations, Business Management, Leadership. Hanh is a successful Career Coach in Vietnam.
KIEU TRI HOA: Hoa has 5-years experience in teaching High School Chemistry and is the leader of Binh Hung Hoa High School's Outdoor Activities Club. As a Career Coach, he helps students identify their ideal career path, make detailed and realistic action plans to fulfill their dreams. Hoa's passion is Psychology and he applies Psycho-Geometrics ® to help students develop today's necessary skills such as Communications, Leadership, Team Management… so that they can make best choices and have effective preparation for their future success.
TO THI HOANG LAN: Lan is currently the Director of Tam Khoi Learning Center. She has 10-year experience in teaching Mathematics at 2 top schools in Ho Chi Minh city: Le Hong Phong High School and Dinh Thien Ly Secondary School. She has experience in Team Management Leadership on school Teaching Teams. Her passion lies as a Career Coach in People Development for young people. She is also the founder of Khoi Nguon Sang Tao (Creative Inspiration) - a group which helps teachers to develop their teaching skills.
C.J. NG C.J. NG: Our Shanghai guy is a real winner. His marketing savvy has propelled him into the inner circles of the high tech industry. His thorough knowledge of Psycho-Geometrics® under the tutelage of his mentor, Dr. Dellinger, is an added plus to his technical and marketing expertise.
CHEE WEE ONG CHEE WEE ONG: Coming to us from the thriving world business center of Singapore is Chee Wee, our man-with-a-message. Mr. Ong wraps Psycho-Geometrics® into his Christian beliefs to focus his talents on the soft-skills social development of Asian children.
JOHN SIH JOHN SIH: Mr. Sih has the honorable position of being the first licensed Psycho-Geometrics® consultant in Asia. Through John’s work with the Southeast Asia Toastmasters organization, he has developed a large following for his thoughtful messages delivered through his dynamic speaking ability.
Nguyen Thi Minh Tam: With more than15 years of professional experience in Branding, Communications and HR Development working for multinational companies (Prudential, Navigos, Unilever), Tam joins us as the first Psycho-Geometrics® Licensed Consultant in Vietnam. As owner of a Thien An Consulting & Training Corp. and a certified Career Management Coach, Tam is passionate about bringing Psycho-Geo to the multicultural environment of today’s thriving Vietnamese economy.


Sneha Shah: A Psychologist with an M.S. in Psychotherapy, Sneha 
is the Founding Director of ISRA - an organization which focuses on Leadership, Emotional Intelligence (EQ) and various other aspects of soft skills training in Mumbai, India.  She has expertise in content development, training delivery, coaching and counseling.   Sneha is a pioneer in bringing Psycho-Geometrics® to India. 
Shashank Gupta: Partner with Sneha Shah in the ISRA training house of Mumbai. Shashank is a software engineer with an MBA in Marketing and a specialty in Leadership training for Engineering Colleges. 


DR. RADISLAV MILLROOD DR. RADISLAV MILLROOD: Dr. Millrood is an internationally recognized expert and author in Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL). As a respected academic at the University of Tambov, Russia, Radislav expands the application of Psycho-Geometrics® to educators in the university world and beyond.
Dr. Vyacheslav Yatsenko: Dr. Vyacheslav is our academicAssociate and a Psychologist at Morozov’s Medical Clinic in Moscow, Russia.  Dr. “V” is the creator of the (1) Octetanalysis Caritology System: systematic Love phenomenon and (2) Octetpsychology System: systematic description of psyche on the basis of the eight-component approach combined with study of five-component personality system (Psycho-Geometrics®) within the psyche hierarchy.


KEVIN MAYALL KEVIN MAYALL: Australasian communication expert whose passion lies in helping families and businesses to better understand each other through effective communication strategies. He speaks professionally on the topics of how teens and parents can have fantastic relationships, and how successful Businesses can have loyal customers & employees. Kevin Mayall is the world’s number 1 facilitator of Teenagers leading purposeful lives.