Are you a Triangle? Box? Circle? Squiggle? or Rectangle?

Each of these 5 SHAPES describes a Personal Style reflecting the way you communicate with others, career choices, choosing friends, dealing with stress, and making decisions.

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Most managers in today's working environment will have heard of Psychometric Testing. Many of you may have been exposed to this at some point in your career, whether as the subject, or during the recruitment of staff, or as part of a training seminar.

Many such tests involve puzzle-solving and intelligence tests. However, in 1978, Dr. Susan Dellinger, communications specialist and author of Communicating Beyond Our Differences: Introducing the Psycho-Geometrics® System, developed an analytical approach to identifying your personal communication style based on the selection of one of five geometric shapes. Her system has been used in U.S. and multi-national corporations, government agencies, universities, law firms, and non-profit organizations for 30 years. It is now available to the general public through this Internet online test.

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This online test will give you an instant answer! There are no wrong answers and each Shape is important for effective communication. Each one possesses numerous admirable qualities and each one holds a secret to success in life. Maximize your shape strengths for success! Learn to manage your shape challenges to help prevent failure.

Are you a Triangle? Box? Circle? Squiggle?
or a Rectangle?
BOX... Learn why colleagues come to you for help.
CIRCLE... Learn why people bring you their personal problems.
RECTANGLE... Learn why you may be having a hard time making a decision.
SQUIGGLE... Learn why you are so easily bored.
TRIANGLE... Learn why you always get the "best deals".